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Gang rapes and beheadings: UN reveals new South Sudan abuses

Feb 23, 2018

Gang rapes, beheadings and blindings: UN reveals new South Sudan abuses amid civil war

South Sudan sentences South African rebel adviser to death

Feb 23, 2018

South Sudan sentences South African rebel adviser to death by hanging

Af-Pak officials inaugurate long-awaited gas pipeline

Feb 23, 2018

Afghanistan's president and Pakistan's prime minister were on hand for the launch of a gas pipeline that will feed Turkmenistan gas to Afghanistan, on to Pakistan and eventually to India

Mexican candidate: government erred in not going after arms

Feb 22, 2018

Mexican ruling-party candidate rules out split with president

Mexico judge rules arrest of alleged cartel boss was illegal

Feb 22, 2018

A judge in Mexico has ruled that the arrest earlier this week of an alleged drug cartel boss in a city bordering Texas was illegal

Ferry blast injures passengers in Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Feb 22, 2018

Mexican authorities say an explosion on a ferry has hurt as many as 25 people in the Caribbean beach city of Playa del Carmen, but none of the injuries are life-threatening

Mexican front-runner promotes 'well-being of the soul'

Feb 21, 2018

The front-runner in Mexico's presidential race has plunged into the normally taboo topic of religion, vowing to promote 'the well-being of the soul' if elected

Explosion at bank in northern Myanmar kills 2, wounds 21

Feb 21, 2018

Myanmar authorities says a bomb exploded in a bank in the northern city of Lashio, in a region where there is fighting between the government and ethnic minority guerrillas, killing two people and injuring 21 others

Turkey to develop unmanned tanks, president says

Feb 21, 2018

Turkey's president says the country will develop unmanned tanks to minimize risk to soldiers in combat

Ukraine's president signs bill on Russia-backed regions

Feb 20, 2018

Ukraine's president has signed a bill aimed at reintegrating the territories in the country's east that are controlled by Russia-backed separatists

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