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Iraqi lawmakers elect Sunni Arab as parliament speaker

Sep 15, 2018

Iraqi lawmakers have elected a Sunni Arab as speaker of parliament, the first step in forming a new government four months after national elections

UN condemns 'direct attack' on peacekeepers in South Sudan

Sep 15, 2018

UN condemns 'direct attack' on peacekeepers in South Sudan by government soldier

Turkey seeks to detain 102 over suspected links to cleric

Sep 10, 2018

Turkey's state-run news agency says authorities have issued detention warrants for 102 people, including military officers, over their suspected links to a U.S.-based Muslim cleric who is blamed by Ankara for a failed coup attempt in 2016

Suspected US drone strike kills 4 al-Qaida members in Yemen

Sep 9, 2018

Yemeni tribal leaders say a suspected U.S. drone strike has killed four alleged al-Qaida militants including a field leader in the country's south

29 killed in Afghanistan as anti-Taliban leader mourned

Sep 9, 2018

Insurgents have killed at least 29 Afghan security forces in separate attacks as many marked the 17th anniversary of the killing of a prominent anti-Taliban leader

US Defense secretary makes surprise visit to war-weary Kabul

Sep 7, 2018

U.S. Defense Secretary James Mattis makes surprise visit to war-weary Afghan capital

South Sudan judge convicts 10 troops for 2016 rampage

Sep 6, 2018

Military judge in South Sudan sentenced 10 soldiers to jail for a 2016 rampage in which a local journalist was killed and 5 international aid workers were gang-raped

Verdict due for South Sudan soldiers accused of murder, rape

Sep 5, 2018

The verdict and sentencing for 11 South Sudan soldiers accused of gang raping foreign aid workers and murdering a local journalist during the country's five-year civil war will be announced Thursday and could include the death penalty

Wives of jailed Myanmar reporters shocked by verdicts

Sep 5, 2018

The wives of two Reuters journalists sentenced in Myanmar to seven years' imprisonment for possessing state secrets say they were shocked by the verdicts

Israeli jets fly over Lebanon in rare daytime raid on Syria

Sep 4, 2018

Syrian state media say Israeli jets flying high over Lebanon have struck at targets inside Syria, in a rare daytime raid that killed at least one person

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