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Sanders: Diplomacy, human rights must drive US world affairs

Sep 21, 2017

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders is blasting President Donald Trump's foreign policy but also offering a sweeping indictment of how the United States has engaged in world affairs for generations

Irma, now Maria: US Caribbean communities rush to send aid

Sep 21, 2017

A Caribbean region battered first by Hurricane Irma and now Hurricane Maria is getting help from West Indian communities around the U.S.

Theatrical production to showcase last year of King's life

Sep 21, 2017

Radio and TV host Tavis Smiley is planning a nationwide tour of a theatrical production for next year focusing on the last year of King's life to mark the 50th anniversary of his assassination on April 4, 1968

Court affirms 'Master Bob' murder conviction in Michigan

Sep 21, 2017

The Michigan appeals court has affirmed the murder conviction of a former Rotary Club president who was accused of arranging his wife's death so he could devote himself to a life of bondage with other women as "Master Bob."

Tesla denies claims that it tried to block unionizing effort

Sep 21, 2017

Tesla denies claims that it tried to block unionizing effort at its California factory

Billionaire gives $30M to Univ. of Arizona for Biosphere 2

Sep 21, 2017

Texas billionaire Edward P. Bass is giving $30 million to the University of Arizona to support the Biosphere 2 research facility

Thousands in France march to protest Macron's labor law

Sep 21, 2017

French labor unions have staged fresh protests against President Emmanuel Macron's contested labor law reforms _ a day before he adopts them by executive order

Anthony Rapp embarks, thrilled, on 'Star Trek: Discovery'

Sep 21, 2017

Always on the vanguard in promoting diversity and tolerance, "Star Trek: Discovery" takes the next "Star Trek"-ian step by including in its crew an openly gay character played by an openly gay actor, Anthony Rapp

StoryCorps' Thanksgiving Listen asks kids to record elders

Sep 21, 2017

StoryCorps is hoping people give their social media apps a break for a few minutes this Thanksgiving and instead use one designed for listening

Cornell student charged in attack apologizes for behavior

Sep 21, 2017

A white Cornell University student charged with beating a black student has apologized for the language he used during an attack that police say may have been racially motivated

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