Chromicode – The Powerful App Helps Marketers Quickly Drive Traffic To Their Sites, Page And Offers

Google’s Chrome Browser is the most used browser with more users than all of the other browsers combined. Understanding, Andy and Curt recently have launched a new app named ChromiCode giving users free extensions that they can install from the hugely reputable Chrome store.

September 10, 2017 / / —

ChromiCode is the new app which helps users easily capture leads or drive targeted free traffic to any page or offer for new affiliate marketers from a huge number of audience. Also, it enables them to grab a lot of leads and subscribers in any niche from the Chrome Extension Directory.

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By using this powerful app, users are able to get several benefits including:

• The ChromiCode Extension Builder. Users will get immediate access to the ChromiCode extension builder which they can run from right inside their web browser. There is an unlimited license so that they can use it to build as many extensions as they like with both personal use and developer licenses.
• The ChromiCode Training Center. The author of this product has recorded six short, concise and easy to follow training videos which cover everything users need to know about making and uploading their own Chrome Extensions.
• Lifetime Access to The Private FB Support Group. This app allows users to join this bustling community with over five hundreds active members all discussing and swapping cool ideas for ChromiCode. Moreover, Curt and Andy both are active in this group and are always nearby in order to answer any question users might have.

A more powerful feature of this brilliant product can be found on ChromiCode Creating Chrome Extensions review when clicking here.

Additionally, marketers can use the power of ChromiCode Extension to make an extension that gives their blog readers and followers instant updates whenever they make a new post. They can create ordering or customer service extensions by embedding chatbots or create an unofficial extension for any product, service or brand and be able to target their customers and followers. ChomiCode also enables users to make an extension for their Fanpage or Facebook Group, further engage with their audience.

In order to crank out the lead and generating extension, users can get started with five simple steps. Firstly, they can choose what they want their extension to do, then run the Wizard which asks a few simple questions. After that, users can automatically and scheduled set up their messages. Press a button and generate the extension, finally, they can upload their extension to Chrome Store which is not required to wait for the approval.

According to Bryan Jaeger: “I have to say that Curt and Andy really went over the top with ChromiCode. I’ve never seen a product that takes the approach ChromiCode does so this really is untapped traffic that you can grab leads and sales from. The best part is that you don’t need any technical skills to do this because they show you in videos exactly how to do every step. So, if you can follow simple instructions then you can have your own Chrome extension up and run in a few minutes.”

The concerned reader may figure out more specific information on ChromiCode app review and demo.

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