BnW AWARDS announces their non-contact project progress

Dec 16, 2020

On the 15th, the international black-and-white photography group BnW AWARDS delivered an update on the non-contact Project '#we_believe_in_black'.

'#we_believe_in_black' is a non-contact project conducted by the international black-and-white photography group BnW AWARDS, launched in 2020, with about 6000 photographers from 120 countries involved, and nearly 16,000 black-and-white photographs have been published on social media and Google with a hashtag #we_believe_in_black.

The BnW Awards was formed by recruiting online photographers from around the world who took black and white photographs, where it was difficult for them to come and go due to COVID-19 in 2020. The project was implemented to gather the thoughts of photographers about black color.

Each photographer sent a handwritten personal notes regarding "black" to theBnW AWARDS, where BnW Awards would select the photos and notes that were to be uploaded each week into their online exhibition(

Writings sent by photographers were posted on the website, and the full texts are displayed online as an SNS highlight.

The project is a black and white photo project, which consists of a total of three stages, where the black stage is the first followed by the white one and wrapping up with the final stage, the black and white project.









Media Contact: 

Minyeol Ryu


Korea, Republic of




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