Juśtin: The Artist Breaking Societies Standards

Dec 8, 2020

Up and coming artist sets to spark the music industry ablaze

Atlanta, Dec 9, 2020 (Issuewire.com) - Justin Reid, or better known by his stage presence, Jutin, is a new artist that is taking the entertainment industry by storm. The vigorous 19-year-old from Atlanta, GA is perhaps the most promising young artist since the king of pop, Michael Jackson himself. Although not as gifted in dance as the pop icon, he more than makes up for it with his versatility.

   Listening to Jutin's most recent projects, one can easily see why he claims to be the most diverse artist in the game. To label him as a rapper would simply be an enormous jibe. What may set this promising star galaxy apart from the industry's established is its ability to produce breathtaking music from a multitude of genres. Examples include rap, r&b, gospel, pop, funk, reggae, and even classical! Paired with his effortless efficiency in piano, sight-reading, and conducting, there is little question why Jutin has received cosigns from Industry Legends Kandi Burruss and Jagged Edge.

    Aside from the music, Justin is determined to change the landscape of the music industry. His aspiration is to use his platform to help people in need and inspire the younger generation with music that will uplift communities as opposed to diving and destroying them. Listen to Jutin's latest project, Rookie 2 King, available on all platforms now.

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