Sep 27, 2020

Atlanta based artist releases single "Stay" that traces the journey inside of a intense relationship

(PRUnderground) September 27th, 2020Originally from Northwest Indiana, Rochelle Bloom is a talented artist currently residing in Atlanta. Bloom, with her creative and unique music style, wrapped in soulful lyrics, has stolen the hearts of many. Renowned personalities like rapper Joe Budden have also been admirers of her magical music quoting that “Bloom’s lyrical content is fire”. That coming from a popular huge media personality makes Bloom’s music hard to miss. Bloom has given many exhilarating tracks to the music industry, including her latest single “Stay”. It is her much-awaited first single off of her forthcoming Fall project. “Stay” traces a journey inside of a relationship, and the difficulty that two people face staying together at all times. Especially in this time of the pandemic, this track is more relatable to the couples out there than ever. Bloom’s evocative song writing skills along with Rez Leon’s melodious voice shine through in her latest song. Ever since its release, “Stay” has captured listeners’ attention worldwide, who like to define Bloom’s music as “A Happy Place with Dark Corners”. Her quirky, yet overwhelming music, is helping Bloom to rapidly pave her way through the music industry. She is confident and positive, and her innate music-making skills have landed her many opportunities that other musicians would kill for. She has performed as the opening act for many huge personalities like Ludacris, and Rae Sremmurd, among others. Bloom’s musical journey has been as captivating as her music itself. “The way things happened and not happened for me on my musical journey are nothing like you would expect them to be”, she says. “I have gotten more opportunities from people I don’t know than from people I do know.” Apart from being a creative musician, Bloom also possesses entrepreneurial skills. She is a degree holder in entrepreneurship from a “Princeton Review” ranked university. But it was when she worked as an intern with N.A.R.S Records that she discovered the business-related aspects of the music industry. Bloom is very passionate about progressing. She adds, “I have an 8* Grammy vision which drives my craft’s diligence. I have constantly been reading books, writing songs, along with studying and writing music and learning to play the piano since the quarantine period”. Bloom is currently not active on any social media. She believes in order to create from the purest place within herself she had to go offline. But to stay connected to her fans, she is available to them via email. Listen to the single “Stay” now on leading platforms through this LINK. About G Media The post Atlanta based artist releases single "Stay" that traces the journey inside of a intense relationship first appeared on PRUnderground. Press Contact Name: Advocate Entertainment Phone: NA Email: Contact Us Website: https://RochelleBloom.comOriginal Press Release.

Sep 27, 2020

The media platform Tagzthai has raised $10 million in the Series A financing

On September 28, the Thai media platform Tagzthai announced that it has raised $10 million in the Series A financing where it obtains investment led by East Ventures and DeNA, and followed by two other Asian companies.             Tagzthai's parent company, which was founded in 2000 and whose R&D center and management headquarters are located in Guangzhou, is a service organization focusing on media marketing.       On Tagzthai, users can make money by using their own Tiktok, Facebook, and other accounts for video likes. At the same time, this kind of behavior has also increased the influence of the author whose video gets liked, which is a new kind of advertising model.       In the past, users could only passively accept ads; but now, users are willing to actively get ads and generate income for themselves.       The founder of Tagzthai is a person of vision and planning. In 2021, he said, he hopes to successfully list the company on NASDAQ in the United States. By then, each Tagzthai member will receive a certain amount of stock for free, which is what makes Tagzthai members increasingly rich.       For now, Tagzthai's market focus is mainly on Thailand with strong localized strength. The funds raised from this financing will be used for commercial expansion into neighboring countries including Indonesia and Malaysia, as well as for Tagzthai's development and UE (user experience) improvement.       Although the platform was established only six months ago, Tagzthai had owned 100,000 active users and a daily transaction of $100,000 by August this year.       According to its founder, so far Tagzthai has no local competitors in the market of ‘thumb up for advertisement to generate income’, so the emergence of Tagzthai has just met the needs of local users.       He also revealed that Tagzthai is now developing the English version of its website and tries its best to expand its global presence.       However, Tagzthai, which has only raised its first round of funding, still has a long way to go from being listed.  

Sep 27, 2020

On September 27th, Zhang Ruimin was awarded a blockbuster award

On September 27th, the China Management Science Conference 2020 and the 7th Management Science Award Presentation Ceremony was held in Beijing Fragrant Hill Hotel. The conference commended the winners of the 7th management science award, and invited academicians and experts at the Chinese Academy of Engineering and Chinese Academy of Sciences and well-known entrepreneurs to deliver speeches and keynote reports.   According to reports, the China Management Science Award is a national science and technology award established under the State Council’s "Regulations on National Science and Technology Awards" and approved by the National Office of Science and Technology Awards, which is also the only reserved award in management science, and is honored as the highest standard and the most authoritative award in China's management circle.      The "Reverence Award for Special Contributions to Management Science" is the highest honor award in China's management science award system and Zhang Ruimin is the first entrepreneur to receive this award. The award speech given to Zhang Ruimin at the conference said: He is the spokesperson of the first waves of the great era, the "innovative" perpetual motion machine for survival in change, the wise leader who created the world's first brand of white goods, as well as the management thought master for contributing "China mode" to the transformation of global enterprises."   It was under the leadership of Zhang Ruimin that Haier broke the barriers among enterprises under the traditional bureaucracy, with "human value" as the main theme, and through the practice of the Rendanheyi model, which has not only become a pioneer in the Internet of Things era, but also created an innovative Chinese management thought attracting worldwide attention.   Nowadays, under the Rendanheyi model, tearing off the label of traditional household appliance enterprises, Haier gives birth to the Internet of Things ecological brands covering various industries and fields such as white goods head enterprise Haier Zhijia, the industrial Internet platform COSMOPlat, and etc. Haier has been listed in the "BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands" for two consecutive years as the only IoT ecological brand in the world.   In this awards selection, through fierce nomination and competition, COSMOPlat won the comprehensive award of management science practice for its mass customization management innovation, which is the full affirmation and recognition of COSMOPlat industrial Internet practice by the management field.   As the implementation of Haier’s “Rendanheyi” model in the manufacturing field, based on the COSMOPlat’s mass customization management innovation, companies, users, and ecological resources create a win-win situation, continue to create user experience, and break through the traditional large-scale manufacturing model, forge a new plan and model for the transformation and upgrading of enterprises in the Internet of Things era, building a new industrial ecology where enterprises, resources, and users create a win-win situation.   A large number of practical cases prove that COSMOPlat's mass customization management innovation can provide the industry with a "scheme theory", offering a series of ecological empowerment solutions, and creating an industrial ecology.   During the pandemic this year, in order to solve the supply and demand connection of epidemic medical supplies and enterprises’ needs for epidemic prevention and control and work resumption production increase, the makers on the COSMOPlat platform independently captured user needs and took the lead in building the country's first emergency supply and demand matching platform, which was rapidly iterated as the platform for enterprises’ resuming production and increasing production, successfully empowering Shandong ASPOP to switch to production of protective clothing in three days, and Shanxi Houma's first fully automatic medical mask production line quickly landed. It has become the government's first and industry preferred service platform for resuming production and increasing production, highly recognized by the state, governments and stakeholders.   Being selected for the China Management Science Award this time demonstrates that COSMOPlat's innovative capabilities and engergization achievements have been authoritatively recognized. At present, COSMOPlat has constructed 15-industry ecology of clothing, agriculture, building materials, etc., established 7 centers, covering 12 regions of the country, which has been replicated and promoted in 20 countries, realizing global engergization.   Meanwhile, COSMOPlat is the only platform authorized by the three major international standards organizations ISO, IEEE, and IEC to lead the development of mass customization model standards, also the first platform in the industrial Internet leader quadrant selected by Forrester, as well as the only industrial Internet platform to advance China's 500 Most Valuable Brands, achieving comprehensive leadership in terms of model, technology and ecology.

Sep 27, 2020

Halifax West Yorkshire Digital Marketing Content Reach And Growth Plan Launched

A new content marketing service is launched by Bobby Barr Media. The Halifax, West Yorkshire-based marketing agency positions clients. .

Sep 27, 2020

Dan Lok Creates College Scholarship

Dan Lok and Dan Lok Education, Inc. have founded the Dan Lok Giving Scholarship. The scholarship is designed to offer financial assistance to those individuals wanting to continue the growth of their education, but who may not have the financial means to do so.

Sep 27, 2020

Action Solar Guarantees Installment Before 26% Solar Investment Tax Credit Expires

Action Air Conditioning, Heating & Solar reminds San Diego county the Investment Tax Credit for solar installment ends December 2020.

Sep 27, 2020

Action Air Conditioning, Heating & Solar Participates in Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Action Air Conditioning, Heating & Solar to participate in the annual Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October. Due to the global pandemic, the format will be different from previous years.

Sep 27, 2020

Dr. Kevin Dalby Releases a New Book Chapter on ERK Docking Site Inhibition

Kevin Dalby, professor at The University of Texas in Austin, specializes in cancer research and drug discovery. The doctor has recently published an innovative chapter, further revealing the case for ERK docking site inhibition.

Sep 27, 2020

Humor To Approach And Attract Women PDF eBook Dating Confidence Guide Launched

A new guide has been launched by Effective Humor, discussing the importance of comedy when approaching women. It emphasizes how beneficial the High Status Humor book can be for men wanting to improve.

Sep 27, 2020

Fort Worth Health Insurance Adds Protection For Those With Pre-conditions

Rick Thornton, a health insurance agent in Fort Worth says latest executive order is also meant to pressure lawmakers who haven’t forged an alternative to the Affordable Care Act.

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