Aug 7, 2020

Outdoor Camping Tents Sleeping Bags Hiking Supplies Equipment Launched

White Star Outdoors has announced a sale on some of its outdoor camping tents and sleeping bags. They come in various styles and sizes with capacities of up to 12 individuals.

Aug 7, 2020

Ergonomic Work Chair With Sit-In-Motion Technology for Spine Health Launched

The new Backstrong ergonomic office chair has been launched by all33. It was built to reduce the occurrence of back pains while contributing to overall spinal health.

Aug 7, 2020

ICON Jewel's Famed Hollywood Jeweler Talks Diamonds, Covid And These Uncertain Times

30 Years In The Diamond Trade, Aldo Dinelli Shares What is Currently Driving The Diamond Market.LOS ANGELES - Aug. 7, 2020 - PRLog -- Being a jeweler during these times has brought us back to a more personal experience. Our transactions are more emotional, with a stronger sentimental reason to buy jewelry, whether that be an engagement, an anniversary, a birthday, or even not killing each other during quarantine, or simply "I'm celebrating our survival through these troubling times."As a Private jeweler, we specialize in handling High Net Worth Individuals by way of sourcing the finest pieces available in the marketplace, yet doing so within a heightened level of privacy, understanding that today's society has an acute sensitivity to identity and privacy. ICON does not have a storefront, we believe that because we prefer to conduct business at the convenience of our client in their home or office, it allows us to learn a little more about our clients true "inner self."With the worlds current situation, how I personally view shopping in "store" idea? Well, why should our clients pay exorbitant prices for fantastic jewels simply because they are indirectly paying for the "brick and mortar rent."  We find the personal private setting to be safer.  The ICON Family is more than ever committed to playing its part to fight against the spread of this virus, and  these erratic times. Its our conviction and  duty to act to minimize risk  for our teams, partners, and clients.The 30-year veteran in the trade, Aldo Dinelli has a history of collaborating with many jewelry houses, style icons, Hollywood stars and famed musical legends, like, Sir Elton John, Paula Abdul, Toni Braxton, as well as mega athletes like Drew Brees, Matt Shaub and George Forman. Throughout his career as a jeweler he has courted Presidential Families, including the late George H. W. Bush / 41st President of The United States.His first opportunity opened at Cartier NYC, in 1990, where he was under the wing of both Arnaud Bamberger, Executive Chairman of Cartier Worldwide, and Ralph Destino, the Chairman-Emeritus of Cartier, Inc.  It was here that Dinelli  showed his natural ability, tenacity, and dedication, and that in turn awarded him the respect and mentorship of the 'Quiet Legend' in the industry, Mr. Louis Glick, as well as other famed, powerful jewelers and "Godfathers" in this industry like Simon Critchell, and William Goldberg .Aldo Dinelli went on to create his own company, ICON Jewels , a private jewelry house based in Houston, TX. with his partner and wife Cynthia Pinot Dinelli.Aldo Dinelli actively consults financial institutions, private investors and bankers on the "Investment Grade Process" of both world class gems, and important diamonds in today's market.  Some of ICON Jewels other clients have included some of  the following:  Houston Museum of Natural Science,  Merrill Lynch, Pricewaterhouse Coopers, Smith Barney, Shearson  Lehman Brothers,  Lloyd's of London, Sports Agents, and Private Wealth Managers. To Contact the House of ICON : 281-7251023 www.ICONJewelsusa.comContactLesley BaldwinDonations/ Media Bookings and AppearancesBeverly Hills CA***@iconjewelsusa.comPhotos: (Click photo to enlarge) Read Full Story - ICON Jewel's Famed Hollywood Jeweler Talks Diamonds, Covid And These Uncertain Times | More news from this sourcePress release distribution by PRLog

Aug 7, 2020

Detox Mask Vegan Organic Lotions Natural Skin Care Creams For Teens Launched

A young singer and entrepreneur in Texas has created her own line of all-natural, non-toxic skin care products for teenagers after her own tragedy using toxic products.

Aug 6, 2020

NetworkNewsBreaks – Ceylon Graphite Corp. (TSX.V: CYL) (OTC: CYLYF) (FSE: CCY) Planning Private Placement of Units to International Consortium

Ceylon Graphite (TSX.V: CYL) (OTC: CYLYF) (FSE: CCY), a graphite mining company, plans to complete a nonbrokered private placement of units to a consortium of four international investors; the private placement could reach gross proceeds of up to $6,000,000. According to the announcement, once the offering is complete, the consortium will own approximately 55% of […]

Aug 6, 2020

BioMedNewsBreaks – DarioHealth (NASDAQ: DRIO) Announces Plans to Release Q2 Financials, Provide Company Update

DarioHealth (NASDAQ: DRIO), a pioneer in the global digital-therapeutics market, will release its second-quarter earnings on June 30, 2020, as well as host a 9 a.m. ET conference call and webcast on the same day. Hosted by CEO Erez Raphael, president and North America general manager Rick Anderson, and CFO Zvi Ben-David, the call will include a […]

Aug 6, 2020

Trxade Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: MEDS) Continues to Report Revenue Successes Despite Pandemic’s Economic Ravages

Trxade Group provides a digitalized supply stream for pharmaceutical and health care services as part of its founding focus on empowering small, independent pharmacies that historically have struggled to compete against large corporate chains The company reported second quarter results July 27 that showed its revenues had grown 244 percent to a record $6.6 million […]

Aug 6, 2020

Michigan Based Recruiting Firm Offers Innovative RPO Model

Qualigence International, a global recruitng firm based in Michigan, announced the launch of a new RPO service to help businesses meet their talent needs with an atlternative model to traditional agencies.

Aug 6, 2020

OPISAS - The point on US economic performance

Milan, August 2020 – The latest data concerning US GDP are raising much attention and interest among international investors. But, very often, they are not properly contextualized and compared to what is going on in other parts of the world. To paraphrase a famous Chinese proverb, one might risk to stare at the “finger” without noticing the “Moon” of an exceptional global situation, as other economies are faring much worse than their US counterpart. Let us explore what the most recent information about US economic performance is really telling us, thanks to the in-depth analysis drafted by the dedicate Observatory of OPISAS – an international group specialized in residential portfolios focused on affordable and already rented property situated exclusively in the USA which, since 2008, transacted over 3,800 properties.  Spoiler alert: US residential market is exceeding expectations. Recently, much attention has been devoted to the figure of the annualized projection of Q2 2020 for US GDP (Gross Domestic Product), which turns out to be -32,9% lower than the previous year’s one. It goes without saying that, for those who are not familiar with financial jargon, this indication may result unclear and hard to contextualize, thus generating perplexity. The “-32,9%” of which everybody is talking about right now is the annualized projection of the values registered in Q2 2020, therefore it represents, first and foremost, a depiction of the past US economic performance, not of the current one, namely between 5 and 2 months ago. To put it in other terms: if US GDP would follow the trend it held in Q2 2020 for 12 months, then the resulting GDP would be 32,9% lower than the GDP of 2019, which corresponds, instead, to a 9.5% decrease if compared to the same period of the previous year. To be clear, the quarter under consideration corresponds to April, May and June, during which the harshest and most generalized lockdown measures took place in order to contrast the COVID-19 pandemic. Such measures, like other parts of the World, brought to the forced halt of entire industries with an immediate effect on consumption and GDP. Indeed, US data caused quite a stir, so much so that many did not notice what had been going on in other countries and, therefore, have not compared the various situations and drawn conclusions. The Coronavirus pandemic dealt a harsh blow to the German economy, and German GDP decreased by -10.1% during Q2 2020, according to the latest data released. The estimates of the European Commission are worsening for Italy as well: Italian GDP in 2020 will shrink by -11.2%. The GDPs of Spain and France will not fare much better: respectively -10.9% and -10.6%. If we move to Latin America, instead, we found out that Argentina failed paying some $ 500 M of interests on its bond debt. Moving back to the USA, thanks to their dynamic economy, historical data at hand, the effect has been as sudden as it should be expected, and it has partly already happened, and so will do the recovery. The overall stability of the US system and the basis for its recovery are already visible from a series of data, including the ones released by BEA (Bureau of Economic Analysis, a federal agency part of the US Department of Commerce which elaborates macroeconomic and industry statistics): Disposable personal income had increased by $ 1.530 Billion - or +42.1% - in Q2 2020, surpassing the $ 157,8 Billion, (3.9%) increase seen in Q1 2020. It seems self-evident that federal aid contributed reaching the goal of maintaining (if not even increasing) American consumers’ “firepower”, enabling them to regularly pay rent fees and fuel, with the resumption of consumptions, the economy rebound already expected in Q3 and Q4 2020. While on the subject of consumptions, another aspect worth focusing on is the composition of the notorious annualized 32.9% GDP value. In fact, as reported by the MBA (Mortgage Bankers Association, the US national association which represents the real estate credit system), the undisputed main element which concurred in generating that value had been determined by a drop in consumptions during the strictest period of lockdown measures, and it is worth -25.1%. Similarly, it is very interesting to observe how investments in residential real estate are among the less struck components, with “just” an annualized 1.8%. This negative figure is quite intuitively attributable to the impossibility for both clients and agents to visit and show housing, with the lockdown measures ongoing. On top of that, from Q3 2020 and during all 2021, projections on both US GDP and the sector of “residential investments” are all positive, highlighting an actual rebound in line with what we had already anticipated beforehand, with significant reference to positive forecasts for US real estate. In fact, the combined effect of the block in real estate transactions, interest rates at their historical minimum and behavioral changes of the American populace as an indirect reaction to teleworking, are raising sales, especially of existing residential real estate, by +21% in June. The strong increase in demand is clashing with the endemic issue of the lack of supply in US housing inventory. On the contrary, the pool of houses for sale has further reduced also because of lockdown, with -18.2% year on year. A tendency that sees the increase in demand hitting on the lack of supply cannot help but affect prices, which already in May marked a +4.9% on a national level. Concerning the rental market, as we have seen, the shower of federal aid – by the way, expected to be renewed soon – kept stable both yields and rental fees actual payments. In fact, in June, 95.9% of tenants paid their fees regularly. In this very special historical moment, therefore, at least for what concerns real estate investments in the US residential real estate market with rental yield, waiting for a return to normality or a rupture can be a more dangerous game than entering in the field and catch the current investment opportunities. Media Contact: United States Tweet

Aug 6, 2020

Blogging— is a modern investment world

Blogging has become the 4th branch of power, moreover it is faster and stronger than the media. Why it is so? The coverage is livelier and wider, the response is faster. Bloggers work in dialogue with their audience, they see and hear them, and that is why blogging has captured the whole world. Through online broadcasting it is possible now to create an empire, spread panic, launch a war, but what is more important it is possible to create POSITIVE CHANGES. Therefore, this year the International Investors Congress 2020 has put more emphasis on Bloggers and hand them the investment torch, because blogging is a highly profitable, and what is more important a low-cost sphere for investment. Blogging makes money - both by itself and by promoting a business. Special experts of the Congress 2020: Sergey Shteps @shteps_s At the opening ceremony of on-line Congress he explained to investors: → Why it is so profitable to invest in blogging and in bloggers → What are profitability and risks → Examples of successful and unsuccessful cases Pros and cons of promoting your product through bloggers Sergey Shteps @shteps_s), actor, millionaire blogger, writer and screenwriter. He managed to win the audience with his spontaneity, talent and sense of humor. Soon he will present his first series, where he acts as a scriptwriter. Experts have already estimated this project as profitable for investment. And continuing the topic of blogging, congressmen will consider the film industry for investment. Vitaly Fedorin @fedorin_vitalii Millionaire, investor, producer, public figure, actor Budgets of his film production seldom exceed 2 million € Basically Vitaly invests his own funds. He invested millons of dollars in one of his film, and it paid off in worldwild market. Mr. Fedorin defined the risks and payback in the film industry as follows: “if we talk about money, in worldwild market films are not only paid off, but also very profitable - from 500 to 700%. The math is simple. You invest 2 million € and you get back € 10 million. No mediators and full control over investment” Vitaly's current project is focused on social networks and Youtube. Also his studio is one of the first which integrate new social network as application in series. Here you can learn about it more. Vitaly native places a sponsor in the plot. We can also that the plot is a native advertising of this new application. alii виталийфедорин Askold Zapashny @askoldzap circus artist, The representative of the Zapashny circus dynasty in forth generation. National artist of Russian Federation. The Trustee of Vladimir Putin in the elections of the President of the Russian Federation in 2018 He is a supporter and active popularizer of the circus with animals, acting on the side of the literate and responsible training based on dynastic experience work, strengthening of individual capacities of animals and humane attitude towards wards. Now Askold is working on a new project "Behind the Scenes of the Circus", a kind of online school on the YouTube channel, where they show backstages of preparations for performances with predatory Animals and peculiarities of interaction with them, circus tricks, educational programs for children. A world tour with a new program is planned in the future. Andrey and Anastasia Lebedev @lebedeva_blog - entrepreneurs, producers and experts who are widely known in the blogging world for their legendary Instagram info products. Trained over 250,000 people in their online school to monetize their blog and the skills they acquired. Stable monthly monetization of a blog with an audience of more than 1.1million subscribers amounts to several million rubles for many years. The first in the Russian market have launched online training for creating and monetizing blogs on Instagram. Earned more than $ 1,000,000 on their educational programs Produced and launched a successful online school for one of the stars of the TNT channel (a member of Comedy Woman), which from 0 investments in advertising in the first month brought more 2'000'000 RUB In partnership with Business Youth, they recorded and produced a blogging course for entrepreneurs. With one famous blogger in less than a month they created an online school for training InstaHelp for bloggers. Advertising investment and creation rate amounted to 500'000 RUB, and the profit became 7'000'000 RUB They will not only talk about wise investing in blogging and successful monetization, but thanks to their experience in producing, they will show you a specific niche for profitable investments! Maxim Chernov @chernov_networking is an expert in networking and in developing personal brand. The founder of the company ProNetworking and Networking Academies. There are 400+ participants in the Academy now. More than 25,000 people have been trained in Academy during 6 years Maxim is the author of a bestselling book and also writer of articles in Forbes, Vedomosti, RBC, Glamor, Marie Claire. He shared why do entrepreneur need to develop YOUTUBE- channel in 2020. Because it gives you: The opportunity to become an opinion leader Acquaintances with new interesting people Attracting new customers from subscribers through your channel. Views and requests for advertising. You get money from advertisers. Sponsored subscription from users Affiliate programs for commission from sales Anna Kravchenko @annnnnna_kravchenko Co-founder of the premium cosmetic brand ELAN professional The company's clients are professional make-up and eyebrow artists from Ukraine, CIS countries and Europe. Co-owner of the chain of conceptual beauty salon "Scissor -hands". ruki- The chain consists of 3 beauty salons with a distinctive concept and premium approach. - Head of the profile training center "Academy of Salon Business Career" Scissorhands ". Every month more than 100 students are trained at the Academy, 40% of them are citizens of other countries who come to study makeup, modeling and coloring eyebrow. Training in the service of modeling and coloring eyebrows uses a patented technology, which has no analogues in Ukraine and Europe. Co-owner of the distribution company LA Distribution. Anna is an unusually purposeful, inspiring and creative person! Daria Berg @darya_berg blogger, founder of the Freelansika Online Education Academy with more than 500 thousand student. She told us about the art of self-presentation using the example of online learning. She shared with us the story about her way from 15 thousand € of an investment to 130 thousand € of profitability in 4 month. Showed investors a comfortable educational environment where people can get a new demanded remote professions and practice in companies. Where students can earn 50- 1000-2000 euros during education. “Our mission: in a warm and friendly atmosphere, we help people around the world to get new remote professions, to become free, happy and independent, enjoying every minute!” - said Daria. She presented us an organized planning in blog and open sensations. Tatiana Rybakova @tanya_rybakova - specialist in weight loss and healthy lifestyles, author of educational projects and the book "How I lost 55 kg." Selfmade girl who has been working with people all over the world, changing their attitude towards themselves, their shape and health. Her courses more than 20 thousand people passed, the world media wrote about her and she was an expert leading TV programs in Russia. “Since 2012, I have been blogging about a healthy lifestyle and helping to put in order not only the external, but also the internal state,” said Tatiana. A launching pad for investing in healthy lifestyle will be offered by Tatiana to congressmen. Her experience and achievements in the field of Health and psychology are obvious, after all, Tatiana lost 55 kg and she was able to inspire millions of her viewers. Media Contact: United States Tweet

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